Four Handle 360° Cryo Weight Loss Machine in Store

Many friends may hear about Ice Sculpture Cryo machine, but what is it? What principle does its use?

 It adopts advanced semiconductor refrigeration + heating+ vacuum negative pressure technology. It’s an instrument with selective and non-invasive freezing methods to reduce local fat.Originated from the research and invention of Harvard University in the United States. As fat cells are sensitive to low temperature, the triglycerides in fat will change from liquid to solid at 5℃, crystallize and age, and then induce fat cell apoptosis, but do not damage other subcutaneous cells (such as epidermal cells, black cells, Cells, dermal tissue and nerve fibers). The cells will undergo apoptosis in 2-6 weeks, and then be excreted through the autologous lymphatic system and liver metabolism. It can reduce the thickness of the fat layer of the treatment site by 20%-27% at one time, eliminate fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues, and achieve localization.

It’s a safe and non-invasive cryolipolysis, which does not affect normal work, doesn’t require surgery, doesn’t require anesthesia, doesn’t require medication, and has no side effects.

What is the advantage of our machine?

The instrument provides an efficient 360° surround controllable cooling system, and the cooling of the freezer is integral and uniform. It’s equipped with six replaceable semiconductor silicone probes. The treatment heads of different shapes and sizes are flexible and ergonomic, so as to adapt to the body contour treatment and are designed to treat double chin, arms, abdomen, side waist, buttocks (under hips). Banana), fat accumulation in thighs and other parts.

The instrument is equipped with two handles to work independently or synchronously. When the probe is placed on the skin surface of a selected area on the human body, the probe’s built-in vacuum negative pressure technology will capture the subcutaneous tissue of the selected area. Before cooling, it can be selectively performed at 37°C to 45°C for 3 minutes. The heating phase accelerates the local blood circulation,then it cools by itself, and the precisely controlled freezing energy is delivered to the designated part.

We also have a handle- cartridge 6 probe specifically for large area.Why choose cartridge 6 probe for thigh? What is the difference with other probes?

The outer and inner depths of cartridge 6 probe are specially customized to achieve the optimization of thigh fat reduction → avoid bruises and redness, and cover 2 times the area at one time


After the operation, before removing the antifreeze film, after removing the antifreeze film

The Cartridge 6 probe has a wide and flat U-shaped area, covering an area of 55 cm in circumference. 

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Post time: Dec-01-2022