Intimate Natural Anti-Aging Magnetic Pampering Device Activate Ovarian Secretion

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Using pulsed magnetic technology, with a frequency of 1,000 times per second, it activates the vitality of the human gonadal axis, improves sexual pleasure, regulates the balance of women’s own hormone secretion, activates ovarian secretion function, and achieves the effect of natural anti-aging.

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Working Principle

Using pulse magnetic technology, with a frequency of 1000 times per second, it activates the vital excitement of the human gonadal axis, enlightens simulated sexual perception, increases sensitivity, improves sexual pleasure and enhances the quality of sexual life. It enables women to quickly achieve a state of physical and mental pleasure, accelerates metabolism, regulates the balance of women’s own hormonal secretion and activates the ovarian secretion function, thus achieving natural anti-aging.



1. Asthenia cold – menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, cold hands and feet

2. Premature ovarian failure      

3. Dried out breasts                

4. Insensitive sexual organs          

5. coldness in the hips and lumbar region due to strain



1.No contact with intimate parts

2.Non-surgical, non-staining, non-embroidery, non-laser. 

3.Unique patented technology

4.Non-invasive, comfortable and pleasant

5.3-5 sessions can get amazing effect


Applicable Groups

1.High-end maintenance people

2. People with endocrine disorders

3. People who demand the perfect quality of sexual life


Operation procedure

Application of hormonal cream to the operation area


Operating area 

Buttocks, lower abdomen.

Mode: Penetration


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Q & A

Q: What is the Magnetic Pampering Device?

A: It is a high-tech instrument that activates the vitality and excitement of the human gonadal axis, enlightens the simulation of sexual perception, increases sensitivity and improves the quality of sexual life.


Q: Who is it suitable for?

A: Women over 18 years old, suitable for different age groups, mainly for women who have finished having children.


Q: How long does the treatment take?

A: Under normal circumstances, each treatment takes only 20-30 minutes.


Q: How long after childbirth can I have the treatment?

A: Usually it takes between 6 months and 1 year after giving birth before treatment can be carried out.


Q: Will the treatment damage the tissues?

A: No, the treatment does not cause any damage to the tissues.


Q: How long will the treatment last?

A: It can last up to 1-1.5 years.


Q: Is anaesthesia required?

A: The whole procedure is comfortable and painless, so no anaesthetic is required.


Q: Can clients be treated for vaginal tightening and urinary incontinence at the same time?

A: Yes.



Name Magnetic Pampering Device 
Model PM-1000
Input Power 220V
Output Power 120W
Weight 4.2KG
Volume 38*32*20CM
Package Size 60*35*29CM

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