Non-invasive Intimate Pink Device Addressing Intimate Pigmentation

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The machine is designed with five major functions: internal and external vaginal spa, tightening and shrinking, G-spot activation and vulva shaping. It can deep cleanse women’s vagina, improve vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, vulva colouring and increase sexual sensitivity.

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Working Principle

Cleaning SPA: clean water cleanses the internal and external areas


Vaginal tightening: Using biomimetic wave technology, the vaginal muscles are moved at a frequency of 8 times per second, exercising the pelvic floor, sphincter and PC muscles at the same time, increasing vaginal tightness and restoring elasticity.


G-spot activation: Using the principle of pulse wave technology, the ultra-soft silicone probe stimulates the sensitive points, activates the body’s gonadal axis, stimulates its own hormonal secretion function and increases sexual sensitivity.


Vulvar pinkness: Using the principle of 27.14 megawatt medium frequency RF, it stimulates collagen regeneration, promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, improves dullness, unblocks gonadal nodules, enhances fullness, detoxifies the vulva and makes it pink and full.



1. Deep cleansing of menstrual blood residue, ageing cell residue, postpartum malodour residue, internal medication, etc., effectively improving symptoms such as odour, itching and leucorrhoea.

2. To improve the symptoms of vaginal laxity, vaginal blowing and leakage, vaginal muscle weakness and pelvic floor muscle sagging caused by childbirth, frequent miscarriage and excessive sexual intercourse.

3. To improve symptoms such as insensitivity of sexual organs, decreased sensitivity of sexual organs, sexual frigidity, vaginal dryness and absence of orgasm.

4. Improve symptoms such as dull vulva colour, dryness, aggravated texture and gonadal nodules.



1. High-end female intimate anti-aging maintenance instrument, all intelligent and practical new high-tech instruments, complete documentation, quality assurance.

2. Using new physical therapy, non-invasive, painless, no recovery period, no abstinence period, no side effects, zero risk.

3. High safety, excellent experience, widely applicable to the population, the effect is immediately visible.

4. One instrument has five functions, three technical principles, and a patented cleaning function, the only leading technology in the world.

5. Five major functions: internal and external vaginal spa, tightening and shrinking, G-spot activation and vulva shaping, perfectly combined with products and techniques to achieve diversified services.

6. Lightweight and portable, disposable aseptic packaging soft silicone treatment head, no need to dilate, hygiene and safety.

7. Intelligent movement, intelligent recognition of tightness, automatic setting of treatment mode according to your own situation, easy to operate, reproducible and effective in reducing labour costs.

8. Less frequent treatments, once a month, easy to operate.


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Name Intimate Beauty Machine
Model HR-2714
Input Power 220V
Output Power 165W
Weight 9.2KG
Volume 30*33*26CM
Package Size 34*52*36.5CM




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