3in1 SDL-L 1600W/1800W/2000W Diode laser Hair Removal Machine

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SDL-L Diode Laser Therapy Systems is produced according to the latest trend of the global epilation market. Based on the selective photothermy theory, laser energy is preferentially absorbed by melanin in hair, damaging the hair follicle which the loses nutrition losing its ability to regenerate, which can very on hair growth stage. At the same time, the unique sapphire contact cooling technology in the handpiece cools down the epidermis to prevent a burning sensation.

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Working Principle

Principle of laser hair removal The laser generated by the semiconductor hair removal system can penetrate the epidermis to the hair follicles. According to the selective photo-thermal principle, the energy of the laser is preferentially absorbed by the melanin in the hair, effectively destroying the hair follicle and hair shaft, and then losing the hair regeneration ability; Since the photo-thermal effect is confined to the hair follices, it prevents the heat energy from damaging the surrounding tissues and does not form scars.



Three models of SDL-L/SDL-Lplus/SDL-L pro are optional;

2. 1600W/1800W/2000W multiple power options are available;

3. Medical version + beauty version dual system, intelligent hair removal system;

4. 12*16mm² and 12*20mm² super large spot are optional;

5. The color LCD screen of the handle displays the light status and treatment parameters;

6. Wavelength 808nm/755nm/1064nm/three-in-one optional;

7. Sapphire freezing point refrigeration, super continuous protection of the epidermis;

8. German water pump, the water flow speed is not less than 4.2L/min;

9. The United Stated Coherent target strips , with a life span of 30 million points;

10.12.1 inch resistive touch screen, perfect interactive experience;

11. Super strong six-core semiconductor water cooling module for cooling, the water temperature does not exceed 30°C;

12. 8 hours of long continuous working time, immersive hair removal;

13. SHR mode freezing point hair removal, painless, fast and permanent hair removal;

14. Reduce the number of hair removal, 3-5 times can achieve complete hair removal



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Technical Parameter

Brand Name Razorlase
Model Number SDL-L
Feature Anti-Hair Removal, Hair Removal
Warranty 2 year
Wavelength 808nm/755nm/1064nm single or combined available
Skin Types All Skin Types I-VI, including tanned skin
Spot size 12*16mm or 12*20mm optional
Laser bar USA Coherent Imported Laser Stacks
Power 2000W Laser Machine
Frequency 1-10Hz Adjustable
Pulse Width 5-200ms
Cooling temperature -4 ~ 10 degree
Fluence 1-80J/cm2
Touch Screen 10.4Inch
Technology Diode Laser Hair Removal Technology
Cooling system Air + Water + Semiconductor+ Sapphire Contact Cooling

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