Hiemt EMS RF Body Contouring Muscle Building 4 Handles Machine

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High-intensity electromagnetic technology muscle building & body contouring machine, independent four-controlling systems + RF 3000W.

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The machine is adopted with the technology of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Power+ Intensive RF(Radio Frequency) which are non-invasive to the body and also penetrates into the muscle layer to enhance collagen cells and fiber cells to exercise to bolster fat-burning and stronger muscle to get body-shaping.


ems working principle

The penetration depth of the muscle layer is 8cm, relaxing and contracting continuously, the energy of RF is to increase the power of fat-burning. Both of these foster the effective and efficient result of muscle-stronger and body shaping.No side-effects of fat-cells reduced and powerful muscle exercise will not be a“Dream" any more of a machine. Some scientific analyses through studies in the Us have shown that the result of EMS treatment is non-invasive and the most efficient. The treatment experience is good.

emsculpt application



Sincoheren EMS Machine Advantages

· 7 tesla-intensity energy
· Patented and Unique
· 3000W output power air-cooling system
· Easy-operation systems including auto and Manual options
· Be available to enjoy language systems customized


emsculpt machine


ems macine parameter

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