4D HIFU 2 In 1 Radar Carving Skin Lifting Machine

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The machine is combined with 4D HIFU & Vmax Radar Carving function.


Tight Lifting
Remove Wrinkles
Compact Promote
Freckle Double Chin

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4D hifu rejuvenation machine




Working Principle


4D HIFU With its unique high-energy focused ultrasound, ultrasonic focusing can directly reach the SMAs layer, promote the suspension of SMAs fascia, and comprehensively solve the sagging and relaxation problems of the face. It precisely locates the ultrasonic energy at the 4.5mm fascia layer under the skin, which plays a role in the fascia layer growth and pulls the muscle to achieve the best effects of shaping the body and tightening the skin .lt acts on the collagen layer of 3mm under the skin to rejuvenate the collagen and achieve anti-aging problems such as skin elasticity, wrinkle removal, and pore reduction, at the same time.





Radar Carving is the use of mechanical radar waves for good tissue penetration, accurately transferring 65 to 72 degrees of thermal energy to the skin’s SMAS layer,1.5 epidermises,3.0 dermis,4.5 fasciae,4.5 collagen (other one), 13 fat layers, 8.0 shaping, produce heat coagulation to shrink the skin and regenerate collagen. In addition, It can be used to treat obesity and the chest by melting the fat layer (depth 8mm~13mm). A variety of therapeutic heads effectively stimulate fibroblasts to split new cells at 40 times per second, dissolve facial fat cells, tighten skin contours, repair damaged fibrous tissue, stimulate collagen cell regeneration, and quickly achieve the effect of thin face and tight Q-bomb. At the same time, the precise positioning of the radar wave can actively identify the fat cells, and reach the depth of the target through a frictional treatment of a unique probe.


4D hifu rejuvenation machine

4D hifu rejuvenation machine




1. 4D can be adjusted arbitrarily from 1 to 12 lines, which greatly shortens the operation time to make the energy points acting on the skin more uniform with the best effect.

2. Different kinds of death of cartridges guaranteed effect.

3. Immediate results and good results last 18-24 months at a time, and achieve negative growth for skin age once a year.

4. More safer , 4D technology accurately affects different depths of the skin, and the energy is slightly over the epidermis during treatment without any damage, the depth of the skin treated by the treatment head is consistent with the set value, ensuring the customer’s painless and comfortable.

5. The thermal effect on dermal collagen and collagen fiber also has thermal stimulation on the fat layer and fascia layer (SMAs), and the therapeutic effect is far better than that of Ther-mage.

6. Accurate depth of mechanical radar waves: the energy gathers in the deep tissue and has no effect on the surface skin

7. Radarcarving 360 ° operation without a dead angle to obtain better results for each part of the skin.

8. Radar carving with the way of rubbing and rolling, the method of concentrating the energy in the treatment area can achieve better results in each area with uniform energy

9. Radar carving is operated by shortening the energy emission interval, the effect can be obtained in a shorter time.


4D hifu rejuvenation machine

4D hifu rejuvenation machine

4D hifu rejuvenation machine




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